A fabulous performer, both as a singer and an actress…eyes that shine out there like spotlights - ‘windows of the soul’, you know, so that’s vital!
— Peg Murray, Tony-award winning actress and Director
…a tremendous vocalist and has such wonderful stage presentation. Oh to be able to sing like she does!! I feel most honored to have you and your music entwined in my jazz life.
— Susan Jergens, Hastings, MN
Ed Polcer and his all stars swung into Colorado Springs leaving a SRO crowd in a swinging mood. Cornetist Polcer, along with vocalist Judy Kurtz and a hot quintet fulfilled all expectations. Judy continued with a rollicking version of “Them There Eyes”. Her delivery reflects a light jazz touch and cabaret style blending in nicely.
— Dan DeMuth, Berman Music Foundation, Colorado Springs
Graceful. Warm. Beautiful. Talented. Judy Kurtz sang melodiously, danced adroitly, and acted convincingly in a performance that radiated activity.
— Maurice Bleifeld, Roosevelt Island Main Street Wire
Judy Kurtz is very good and lively in her knowing portrayal….
— Aileen Jacobson, Newsday
Judy Kurtz gives a performance that is musically and comically strong.
— June Bolton, Islip Bulletin
Golde is more of a comic character, and Judy Kurtz handles this role well. The audience believes her, and she touches comic heights in the songs, ‘The Dream’ and ‘Do You Love Me?’
— Judith H. Bernstein, Port Jefferson Record
What a delight to have you to the Lionel Hampton Festival. You and the group were mesmerizing. You have a great set of pipes! We also loved the experience and wisdom that the students received at the workshop.
— Dwina Howey, Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival, University of Idaho
Judy Kurtz and Ed Polcer were pleasures to work with. Their professionalism was a main contribution to the success of our events. People of all ages enjoyed listening to Judy’s glowing voice and Ed’s enthusiastic performance. Their distinct combination of upbeat jazz and swing left everyone smiling.
— Edwin Xiao, New York City Economic Development Corporation
Kurtz is Rita Moreno when she sings and dances, and Estelle Getty when she’s being motherly, not a bad combination!
— Judy Arndt, The Pocono Record
Everyone here was ecstatic and already trying to plan for next year. University of Tennessee was also delighted with the seminar. Judy sounded better than ever and the crowd loved her! Thanks for a great evening.
— Nancy Heintz, East Tennessee Jazz Society