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When Broadway Meets Swing St. 

Judy Kurtz & Ed Polcer


Broadway tunes have always been a significant part of jazz repertory, and Kurtz and Polcer included a choice sampling of them on this album…Kurtz has had one foot in the world of musical theatre, and one in the pop/jazz field for many years, and this cross-pollination of styles results in knowing and effective renderings of her selections, with the jazzier side dominating in most cases… Polcer is a lyrical player and an effective complement to Kurtz’s vocals when the situation calls for it. This is an album that contains a consistently high level of musicianship, with all of the cats showing obvious respect and affection for the choice material that they are playing.

- Joe Lang 
"Jersey Jazz"
September 2007

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Everything We've Got

Ed Polcer & Judy Kurtz

Cornetist Ed Polcer is joined by some of jazz’s heavy hitters for a delightful outing in the company of vocalist Judy Kurtz. Album highlights are plentiful….Significant entries include Kurtz’s clever interpretation of “It Might As Well Be Spring” as well as her straight on reading of “I’m Old Fashioned”. In sum, mainstream jazz played with purpose and passion. 

- Cam Miller
“The American Rag”
March 2006


Comments from fans:
"When have we ever relished a CD more?? The vocal performance, Judy, superb, and Ed! His cornet has the sensitivity of Judy’s voice. The two of you will become legendary – actually, you’re there now!"

"I love the CD! The music is sort of nostalgic and warm, and the vocalist is simply terrific. She has such a clear, clean sound – it’s wonderful. This is one of your best – and they are all good!"


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